Ewa McCulloch Gallery

Mural design

Created for the Actors for Autism Los Angeles, California.



The Music Box Tribute
The Music Box Tribute

The Music Box Tribute:

The well-known steps that provided location for the 1932 comedy with Laurel and Hardy exist to this day in Los Angeles. They serve here as a symbolic pedestal for the tribute to movie stars, melodrama, drama, comedy and cinema’s past.

"Silent golden movies, talkies, technicolour, long ago
My younger ways stand clearer, clearer than my footprints
Stardom greats I've followed closely
Closer than the nearest heartbeat
Longer that expected-ther were great-
Oh love oh love just to see them
Acting on the silver screen, oh my
Clark Gable, Fairbanks, Maureen O'Sullivan
Fantasy would fill my life and I
Love fantasy so much
Did you see in the morning light
I really talked, yes I did, to Gods early dawning light "

(Jon Anderson, Vangelis - The Friends of Mr. Cairo)

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