Ewa McCulloch Gallery

Mural design

Created for the Actors for Autism Los Angeles, California.




California Dazzle

Hollywood Hills

Music Box Tribute

California Hills

This series of the images was created with Actors for Autism ("AA") in mind. AA is a non-profit organization which helps individuals with disabilities express themselves and learn life skills through performing arts and digital film making.

In 2011, AA was seeking an artist to paint a simple floor decoration: two film strips leading to the stage. I completed this work in February 2011. My creative juices stirred when AA was considering cinematic-themed murals for the studio. Already existing on the walls were the outline of the Hollywood Hills (including its famous sign) and two painted Oscar figures.

The images presented here are my response to Executive Director Alisa Wolf's concept of bringing Hollywood glamour and history to their studio. The designs combine symbols widely associated with motion pictures, iconic sign, and the natural beauty of California.